Congélateur - Venus -VCF 250

Congélateur - Venus -VCF 250

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The VENUS VCF250 Freezer is an elegant and practical kitchen appliance meant to keep your foods fresh for long periods. It is sturdy well built. This Freezer ensures that all your ingredients remain fresh for longer periods of time without drying out.

The system cools the compartments separately to stop the spread of unwanted odors from the fridge to the freezer, so your frozen food retains more of its original flavor. This Freezer makes it easy for you to store all your weekly grocery shopping.


Product information

Brand Name ‎ VENUS

Product Dimensions ‎ 99.6 x 56.5 x 83.5 cm

Capacity ‎ 200 Liters

Part Number ‎ VCF250

Color ‎ Silver

Material Type ‎ Stainless Steel